Tuesday, September 1

Jack Nicklaus, Honorary Masters Starter


ARNIE AND JACK. They just go together. It’s their golf destiny. Now Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus will be seeing each other on the first tee at Augusta National Golf Club for the ceremonial opening shots at The Masters.

“Recently, I was invited by both Augusta National and Arnold to join him on the first tee,” Jack said, “and because he enthusiastically supported the invitation, it became an easy decision for me.”

Jack completely fooled me on this one. I never thought he would do this stuff—or at least not this soon. Because that’s what he told us, and he seemed adamant about it.

Look for them to make it a threesome in the near future. Joining Palmer and Nicklaus on the first tee, Gary Player.

−The Armchair Golfer


Lancer said...

I'm really surprised that Jack decided to do this. I suspect it may have been a hard decision for him to make because no one likes to feel that their age is creeping upon them. But so it goes; he is a credit to what he gave his life to and to the human race. In short, a really good man.

Unknown said...

What a great idea - Golf's Big Three on the first tee. And, as one writer suggested, why not let them play a few holes, as many as they feel like playing.

Looking ahead to 2045, I wonder who will join Woods on the first tee.

The Armchair Golfer said...

Good question, Phil. No clue, as of yet, who could possibly join Tiger.