Wednesday, September 16

Jim Ferree, Living Logo

JIM FERREE IS ABOUT AS NICE a pro as you’ll ever meet. Jim, along with Jack Fleck, was the pro in the group I joined today at the Greater Hickory Classic at Rock Barn. (I rode around and caddied for Fleck—if you can call it that.)

Ferree is not exactly a household name. But if you followed the early days of the Senior Tour (before it was the Champions Tour), then you might recognize the North Carolina native who makes his home in Hilton Head, South Carolina. In fact, Jim was one of the handful of senior players to don knickers to add some flair to the fledgling 50-plus tour. That decision turned the sweet-swinging pro into a work of art.

“As our tour grew and became successful, commissioner Deane Beman thought we needed our own logo,” Jim wrote in Sports Illustrated.

“He wanted something similar to the regular Tour logo, but something that was also noticeably different. VoilĂ ! The knickers. For some reason I was chosen as the model—I guess because Deane thought I looked good in plus fours.”

Jim won once on the PGA Tour (in 1958) and collected several wins on the senior and super senior circuit. He’s also a longtime teacher. One of his pupils was Rocco Mediate.

−The Armchair Golfer


Average Golfer said...

Guess that makes him the Jerry West of the Senior Tour.

Unknown said...

I had forgotten Jim Ferree was the logo guy! I always liked him. He genuinely acted as if he was having a ball out there and truly appreciated the second career the Senior Tour offered the guys who played when the money was not that good.

I think the new breed has that 'entitled' air about them when they turn 50. Maybe if that tour required you be a major championship winner, it might upgrade that tour a little. Of course, you would have to include the PLAYERS, so Freddie Funk could still play...

The Armchair Golfer said...

Exactly, AG.

Vince: Jim is truly appreciative in every sense. Another thing I noticed: He was so positive and supportive of the amateurs in his group. A genuinely great guy who still enjoys every minute on the golf course.

Unknown said...