Friday, September 18

Man Intentionally Loses 3,000 Golf Balls in Desert

The scene of a bizarre golf act. (Tammy Green/Flickr)

GROWING UP PLAYING GOLF in the California desert, I hit my share of wayward shots into the sandy dirt, Joshua trees and tumbleweed. Some of my golf balls dove into gopher holes and many disappeared elsewhere in the desert landscapes that adjoined the fairways of my youth.

I lost countless Top-Flites, Maxflis, Titleists, Wilson Staffs and Golden Rams. Yes, Golden Rams. It was that long ago.

But I was no Douglas Jones.

Jones, a 57-year-old La Quinta, Calif., man, deposited an estimated 3,000 golf balls into Joshua Tree National Park over a year’s time. He was cited by park rangers a month ago for abandoning property, littering and feeding wildlife.

Joshua Tree National Park is not a golf course. It’s not like Bethpage State Park on Long Island where the U.S. Open was played. There’s no reason anyone should spot a Titleist Pro V1 in Joshua Tree National Park—unless someone in Indio hit a shot 20 miles off line.

Jones will soon be explaining his actions to a federal magistrate. According to the AP story, Jones said it was his way of honoring deceased golfers. I think he better take a mulligan on that explanation.

Another deeply troubling aspect to this story: Jones tossed the 3,000 golf balls into the national park. There were no clubs involved. He simply heaved the dimpled spheres into the desert.

What a waste. Besides facing a fine and possible jail time, Jones missed out on an incredible practice opportunity. He could be one heckuva of a sand player by now. But he threw away that chance.

−The Armchair Golfer


A.J. said...

Haha Golden Rams...what a name drop bud.

Lancere said...

Golden Rams...remember them well. After trying just about every golf ball on the market, I finally concluded that I could hit the cheapest ball as poorly or as well as the most expensive one. Some of mine, in fact, may have wound up in the Joshua Tree National Park. The fact that I was playing 2500 miles away has absolutely no bearing on my skill at playing the game.

Garry Green said...

I can´t think why he is doing this.
Any hints?

kokogirl said...

Maybe this guy is mentally ill. First, wasting golf balls in the desert without hitting them. Then making up lame excuses about it...

Epione, Los Angeles Cosmetic Surgery said...

Hey, it might be possible.