Monday, October 12

Golf Pet Peeve: The Shot-By-Shot Recap Golfer

Could these guys be shot-by-shot recap golfers?
(Gus Dahlberg/Flickr)

(Editor’s note: Robert Bruce of Game Under Repair has something he needs to get off his chest. Maybe you can relate.)

Contributed by Robert Bruce

YOU KNOW THIS DUDE. We’ve all played a round with him. Usually, the shot-by-shot recap golfer is a nice guy—a really nice guy. Chatty, even. He means well.

But, man, if this guy isn’t intent on telling you the specifics of every single shot on every single hole.

It’s bad enough when the shot-by-shot recap golfer is actually a good player. Sometimes, it’s even interesting. I wouldn’t mind listening to a friend recap his theatrical birdie on the 17th at Sawgrass. That’s nice to hear. Makes me want to birdie the 17th myself.

But really bad golfers who are intent on telling you about their snowman on a 320 yard par 4?

No, thank you.

I do not find it interesting to hear about your sliced tee shot, flubbed 3-wood, topped 4-iron, topped 8-iron, bladed wedge, and your two skulled bunker shots and five-foot saving putt for quadruple bogey. Please…no.

Maybe I’m just jealous. I don’t have that type of memory. I can probably remember half of my 81 shots yesterday, so maybe these dudes that remember every single duck hook and yip from their 122 in March make me jealous. Maybe.

One of the greatest traditions in golf is the 19th hole—the tradition of enjoying a cold brew with a friend and discussing (read: exaggerating) the highlights of the round. But, remember, unless you just shot a 59 or beat Tiger Woods in match play, no one wants a shot-by-shot recap of your round.

Keep it simple and short. Don’t be that guy.

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Golf Hitting Net Guy said...

Agreed...leave it to other people to talk about how crappy your game was that day! It makes it more fun after the round...

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Anonymous said...

I don't know - if it's a funny story I think I'd enjoy hearing about some guy's 12 on a par 3 - as long as he's not recapping the entire round (which I haven't heard anyone ever do) I think hearing about a blow up hole or two could be amusing.