Thursday, October 29

Is New LPGA Commissioner a Magic Whan?

TOOTHPASTE, GOLF AND HOCKEY. Michael Whan, the newly announced LPGA commissioner, has excelled in all three as a marketing and brand guru. Most recently, Whan was the CEO of a small hockey equipment company called Mission Itech Hockey.

Described as a “superstar” and “world-class marketer” by Mark King, a former Whan colleague who is now CEO of TaylorMade Golf, can the 44-year-old Whan work his magic on the LPGA?

Don’t expect a quick answer.

Whan will officially take the reins from interim LPGA commissioner Marty Evans on January 1. But he was hopping a plane to San Diego after yesterday’s introductory press conference to attend the LPGA’s Tournament Owners Association meetings.

“I have a personal philosophy about leadership that maybe not everybody understands,” Whan said in a story by Randall Mell.

“I believe in listen, learn and lead, and you do it in that order. You’ve got to listen so that you can learn, and once you’ve listened and learned, you’re prepared to lead. So I tend to believe that my first few months in the position are going to be with pretty large ears and pretty small mouth because I’ve got more to learn than I’ve got to offer and beyond, but I can’t wait to jump in.”


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−The Armchair Golfer

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