Saturday, October 10

Mysterious Diagram Possible Cause of O’Hair Woes

DAZED AND CONFUSED. That’s the way Sean O’Hair looked on the first two days of the Presidents Cup. Despite “confidence” talks and strong preparation, O’Hair couldn’t find his rhythm in his Thursday and Friday matches. He definitely couldn’t buy a putt.

Then things turned around on Saturday when Sean was paired with Phil Mickelson for a Foursomes match. The Americans won 5 and 3.

According to someone close to the team, a piece of paper fell out of O’Hair’s yardage book early in the round. Lefty bent over and picked it up.

“Where’d you get this?” Phil asked.

“I don’t know,” Sean replied.


“OK, one of the coaches gave it to me.”

“Let’s just play some golf, OK?”


−The Armchair Golfer

(This is an ARMCHAIR GOLF spoof.)


Lancer said...

I'm not sure what the diagram is but it looks like the flight of my shots on a 200 yard par 3...left/right and then repeat.

Dee Kelly - imeeGOLF said...

Mysterious... maybe it is a map to buried secret treasure!! It is as good a guess as any (",)