Wednesday, October 7

A President Visits Presidents Cup

Former President Bill Clinton talks with Jim Gray.
(Courtesy of GOLF CHANNEL)

PRESIDENTS ABOUND THIS WEEK. We have the Presidents Cup. The course it’s being played on—Harding Park—is named after a President (Warren G. Harding). And now a former President, Bill Clinton, has visited Harding Park and talked about the Presidents Cup in a sitdown with Jim Gray.

The GOLF CHANNEL interview with the former First Golfer airs tonight on the golf network’s Live From The Presidents Cup Coverage. Topics include:

• Why the Presidents Cup is important to him.
• The history of golf in the White House, including Presidents Roosevelt, Kennedy and Ford.
• The current state of his golf game.
• The current economic climate in golf.
• Tiger Woods’ impact on and off the golf course.
• The impact golf will have in the Olympics should it be voted in for 2016.
• His relationship with Arnold Palmer and Palmer receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor.
• Dream foursome on the golf course.

Clinton and Harding as Presidential Golfers

How do Clinton’s and Harding’s golf games compare? (I actually had them facing off in my fictitious Presidents Golf Championship in January.)

“The 42nd president, Clinton is a liberal taker of ‘Billigans’—the do-over shots and gimme putts that are bestowed on him by willing playing partners smitten by the irresistible Clinton charm,” Don Van Natta Jr., bestselling author of First Off the Tee, told me earlier this year.

“Despite that, he’s long off the tee, hits a decent iron shot and owns a good putter (lessons from Dave Pelz have helped).

“Harding played golf during Prohibition. While drinking on the golf course, he bet on golf. He didn’t just bet on the front nine and the back nine; he had a bet on every swing. Harding lost many of those bets. He rarely shot lower than the mid-to-high 90s, but he never had a bad time.”

Bottom line: Van Natta Jr. would give Clinton the edge.

By the way, President Harding died in a San Francisco hotel room in 1923, which, I’m assuming, influenced the naming of Harding Park, a course that opened in 1925.

−The Armchair Golfer


Harding Park Is Primed for Presidents Cup


Lancer said...

Great post...

Unknown said...

The longer is he out of office, the more I genuinely like Bill Clinton. He is a brilliant man and I think a good man. It is a shame he will be regarded and remembered for a tragic incident that 96.3% of Washington politicos get away with every day of the week...

Average Golfer said...

I've never heard anyone describe the "incident" as tragic.