Thursday, January 7

Final Days of Christmas Giveaway: Natalie Gulbis and Zach Johnson Autographs

IT’S TIME TO CLEAR my shelves of golf books, golf DVDs and a few golf accessories. So welcome to Day 9, the final day of the Days of Christmas Giveaway at ARMCHAIR GOLF.

Today’s giveaway: Pinehurst No. 8 scorecard autographed by Natalie Gulbis and Zach Johnson

In October, I spent time with Natalie and Zach at Pinehurst. They signed for me and I want one of you to have it. (Read my interviews with Natalie and Zach.)

How to win this giveaway: Send an email to that includes your name and mailing address. I’ll notify you if you’re the winner and drop your prize in the mail.

Thank you for participating in the Days of Christmas Giveaway. Keep coming back for more golf and more drawings in 2010!

−The Armchair Golfer

Day 1: Golf: The Art of the Mental Game: 100 Classic Golf Tips by Dr. Joseph Parent
Day 2: Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer
Day 3: Jim McLean Golf School DVD
Day 4: CADDIE CONFIDENTIAL: Inside Stories from the Caddies of the PGA Tour by Greg “Piddler” Martin
Day 5: High-quality golf gloves with Virginia Tech logo
Day 6: Golf’s Red Zone Challenge by Charlie King and Rob Akins
Day 7: THE BACK NINE: It’s Time to Take Your Shot (DVD)
Day 8: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? by Rocco Mediate and John Feinstein

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