Wednesday, May 25

Hit It Bubba Long (in Your Dreams)

“DON’T JUST HIT IT LONG. Hit it Bubba long.” That’s Bubba Watson talking in the above spot for Ping G15 and K15 drivers.

I understand. It’s marketing. But it still makes me smile. I can hit it Bubba long? Really?

Last time I checked (which was a few seconds ago), Bubba was averaging 311.7 yards per drive on the PGA Tour this season. That’s well above the average driving distance of your run-of-the-mill PGA Tour player. Which means most of Bubba’s fellow players can’t even hit it Bubba long.

(By the way, Bubba’s driving accuracy is virtually identical to the PGA Tour average: 60.03% vs. 60.20%. So Bubba is pretty darn straight while being Bubba long.)

I played golf with my dad in California using a borrowed set of clubs. Dad is a tinkerer, so he has assorted golf clubs, golf balls, a carry bag, the works, in his garage. It includes a respectable backup set of irons and several drivers and fairway metals. That’s what I use when I show up. There’s no need to lug my set through airports for a couple of nine-hole rounds.

Anyway, I hit the snot out of a Ping driver my dad no longer uses, a part of my makeshift borrowed set. I really killed it. In fact, I hit it straighter and farther than my own driver. To be honest, it was a better club than the piece of junk I carry in my bag. It was a Ping.

But I didn’t hit it Bubba long. Not even close.

−The Armchair Golfer


Scott said...

Yes! The cobbled together loaner set from dad's garage! Had a similar experience recently with an old Cleveland driver, a weird negative bounce wedge, and a Yes! putter. Tried to talk my dad out of those clubs, but they remain in his garage for my next trip to town.

Brian Kuehn said...

Reason #1 I never hit someone else's club(s). I do not want to know how good it could be with something else!!

I am assembling a "loaner set" as time goes by. Hard to do with donating all the clubs to various relatives. However, right now it a fairly respectable set, minus a few long irons.

Charles Prokop said...

We should all just pass around our old clubs to each other. We'd play better as long as we kept passing them fast enough. If we hung on to ones we liked, they'd lose their magic.

The Armchair Golfer said...

Well said, men. I think we all agree there are magic sticks stowed away in garages across America.