Tuesday, June 21

Golf Cracks TIME Magazine’s Evil Sports List

GOLF IS GETTING A LOT attention this week. Rory McIlroy is on the cover of the June 27th issue of Sports Illustrated, which will be on newsstands tomorrow with the cover message, “Golf’s New Era.”

But that’s not all. TIME has placed the game of golf on its “Top 10 Evil Sports List.” Golf is ranked No. 6.

“The aftermath of the U.S. Open may be all rosy sweet, what with Rory McIlroy’s sensational victory, but don’t get too caught up,” writes Ishaan Tharoor. “Apart from being the sport of choice for scheming politicians and fat-cat businessmen, golf is quite frankly a waste of space. It devours the public commons, swallows up water—the preponderance of golf courses in arid places like the Arabian peninsula borders on the obscene—and indulges middle-class ennui the world over.”

OK, a couple of things. First, I’m guessing Tharoor doesn’t play golf and perhaps has never set foot on a golf course. That said, there can be a dark side to this game. As it’s written, “What good is it for a man to become a scratch golfer, yet forfeit his soul?”

Tharoor and TIME have me considering a new evil sport. Below golf on the list are poker, the hunt, American football and wife-carrying races (who knew?). But I’d probably want to take up something more evil than golf just to be daring. Here’s the top five: 1) Soccer, 2) Female Gymnastics, 3) Camel Racing, 4) Boxing, and 5) Bull Fighting.

Soccer involves too much running. Female gymnastics won’t work for obvious reasons. Boxing has too much punching. Bull fighting has too much blood. I guess that leaves camel racing.

Anybody have a camel I can borrow?

−The Armchair Golfer


Discover Golf said...

agreed the man clearly doesn't play golf. He does have a good point some courses aren't necessarily adhering to the best practices of eco consciousness. However, I think there has been big strides in the last few years by a lot of courses and players to cut down on what he is calling waste.

Brian Kuehn said...

We should all listen to Ishaan Tharoor because ...? It bothers me the way the media in the USA gives a platform to any crackpot that espouses a position contrary to the mainstream.

The Armchair Golfer said...

I think these kind of pieces are meant to stir things up. The list approach and hyperbolic title and copy are a gimmick. I don't take them too seriously.

golfglutton said...

You're exactly right that this is a gimmick to gin up hits on Time's website. Say something absurd that will spark interest or annoy people, then divide the ridiculous article into 10 sections that people will click thru all 10 to be satisfied or even more annoyed. Pure trash.

John said...

I agree golfglutton that it is pure trash. I have no doubt that many people out there that will believe strongly in the article. For me, golf is just too hard to resist.

morrispark said...

I'm new to golf but jeeze, the article reads so dreadful. Sounds like this guy does not like golf at all.