Friday, June 3

It’s Women’s Golf Month

JUNE IS WOMEN’S GOLF MONTH, which reminds me that I need to return Anne’s golf clubs. Anne is a family friend who loaned her clubs to my oldest daughter a couple of years ago. Anne wasn’t using them and my daughter was signed up for a junior golf clinic. Since then the clubs have been collecting dust in my basement. Beth didn’t take to the game. She still favors the swimming pool over the golf course at Great Oaks Country Club.

But, as I understand it, Anne is planning a return to the game. I don’t think she is a real serious golfer. She just hopes to get out this summer for some recreational golf with her friend Julie. That’s good news. Every new or returning golfer is welcome news for a game that has been in slow decline. Only about one in four golfers are women.

This month, as part of several ongoing Play Golf America initiatives, golf facilities across America are hosting affordable golf activities that target the female golfer. They’re designed to make the game fun and women-friendly for beginning, casual and avid golfers.

None of the three females in my household play golf. My daughter Beth was (and is) probably the best bet of the three, but she’s far more interested in the creative arts than sports. She is heavily invested in chorus and drama. My other daughter is a budding artist. My wife’s father was gone most every weekend playing golf. So my wife has no interest in picking up a club.

Beth, on the other hand, has natural athletic ability. I think she could enjoy golf and play well. But I don’t push. Not my style.

So, alas, my household isn’t currently adding to the number of female golfers. But I still encourage all you other ladies to give the game a chance (or another chance). It’s a great game and can be a lot of fun if you don’t take it too seriously.

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−The Armchair Golfer

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