Saturday, August 13

Fluff and Bones to Appear on Next ‘Feherty’

By Golf Channel

THE NEXT EPISODE OF ‘FEHERTY’ on Golf Channel (Tuesday, 9 p.m. ET) will feature two of the best caddies in the game: Mike “Fluff” Cowan and Jim “Bones” Mackay.

David Feherty will chat with the two loopers about what it has been like to tote the bag for Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Jim Furyk during careers that have combined nearly a half century of heavy lifting and thousands of miles of walking the world’s best golf courses.

With all that wear and tear, Feherty chose a spa setting for the shared interview, and does his best pampering with a hilarious pedicure scene.

Player-caddie relationships often last no more than a few years, but Mackay has been on Phil Mickelson’s bag for nearly his entire career. Feherty finds out how the two became acquainted and what makes their relationship the exception to the rule.

Currently working for Jim Furyk, Cowan also has caddied for Peter Jacobsen and Tiger Woods. He talks about his experience as Tiger’s caddie and explains how being a good friend with a player can lead to success.

The two caddies also talk about how often their bosses want to hear their opinions or just confirm their own; describe some of the best shots they have ever witnessed; show some caddie hand signals; and discuss what they think is right and wrong with the game.

‘Feherty’ debuted in June as Golf Channel’s most-watched original series premiere in its history.


Charles Prokop said...

I've enjoyed all of Feherty's interviews this should be one of the best. Caddies are typically seen and not heard, as evidenced by all the attention Stevie drew when he got the opportunity to be interviewed.

Fluff and Bones are two of the best and don't have any axes to grind, at least as far as I know. It should be good.

Anonymous said...

2 guys anyone wanting to be a caddy should pattern 'emselves after.

You know they are doing a good job cuz unlike other caddies you hardly hear anything coming from 'em.

Some caddies on the other hand craves the limelight,they want to be more famous than the golfer.And now we have caddies bragging how many times they have won.

Yes UP is now DOWN which made me think has anyone ever tune in to TV coverage to see the caddy carry the clubs or they tune in to see the golfer smack a 2 iron 1ft from the pin ?perchem

Dave said...

When push comes to shove, a caddie's primary goal is to maximize the confidence of his player. He isn't the one to swing the club, but he can certainly have a profound effect on what state of mind the player is when he does so ... and Fluff and Bones have done an admirable job of it over their careers.