Saturday, August 27

‘Golfing With Dad’ and Other Golf Titles

THE GOLF BOOKS HAVE BEEN piling up in my email inbox and elsewhere. So let’s run through some of them.

Golfing With Dad: The Game’s Greatest Players Reflect on Their Fathers and the Game They Love
By David Barrett
A heartwarming collection of golf’s best players’ favorite memories with their fathers and how those memories shaped them not only as players, but the men they are today. More

Deane Beman: Golf’s Driving Force
By Adam Schupak
The inside story of the man who transformed professional golf into a billion dollar business. More

The Swinger: A Novel
By Michael Bamberger and Alan Shipnuck
The most famous athlete on the planet is a bit off his game. More

FOUR DAYS IN JULY: Tom Watson, the 2009 Open Championship, and a Tournament for the Ages
By Jim Huber
“Jim Huber’s book captures those magical four days superbly.” —Peter Alliss, golfer and BBC commentator. Q&A at ARMCHAIR GOLF

The Nine Tenths Rule
By Stephen E. Mitchell
A Bainbridge Diaries golf themed legal mystery novel (Kindle Edition). More

Brassies, Mashies, and Bootleg Scotch: Growing Up on America’s First Heroic Golf Course
By Bill Kilpatrick
Bil Kilpatrick’s memoir of growing up on golf courses is at once a window on another time—when golf was played mainly with balata balls, hickory shafts, and handmade spoons, mashies, and cleeks—and a ground-level view of what maintaining a golf course meant when artisanship, instinct and experience carried the day. More

The Hershey Hurricane
By Seamus McGee
A biographical account of Henry Picard, a top PGA Tour player in the 1930s and 1940s (26 tour wins) and mentor to Ben Hogan and others. More

−The Armchair Golfer

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Jeff said...

I love playing golf with my dad. We don't worry about who wins anymore, it's just about spending time together, having a laugh and of course the trash talk. Awesome.