Wednesday, August 24

Let the FedEx Cup Playoffs Begin

THE FEDEX CUP PLAYOFFS get underway on Thursday with The Barclays at Plainfield Country Club in Edison, New Jersey. The four-event playoff series, which includes the Deutsche Bank Championship and BMW Championship, concludes in Atlanta with the Tour Championship.

After much criticism and formula tinkering, the FedEx Cup points race has slowly gained acceptance. No, it’s not the majors or the Ryder Cup. No, it can’t compete with football. But it’s far better than the days when everyone tuned out after the PGA Championship. With all that cash up for grabs, the top PGA Tour players surely welcome the playoffs and gladly play deep into the month of September. That’s good for core golf fans.

Above are’s top 10 shots from The Barclays. I remembered three of the shots. Four, actually. After seeing it again, I did recall Sergio Garcia’s putt in his 2008 playoff against Vijay Singh. Of course, I also remembered Vijay’s long one that he made on top of Sergio. And there was Matt Kuchar’s iron out of the rough to three feet. That was last year.

I think Heath Slocum got robbed, though. Slocum’s tournament-winning 20-footer in 2009—the biggest putt of his life and the one that beat Tiger Woods—is No. 6 on the list.

Really? Only No. 6?

That’s just wrong.

−The Armchair Golfer


Health Network said...

but no Tiger :(

The Armchair Golfer said...

Yep. No play, no playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Yes....I remember that putt.
And Tiger failing to make a 10 footer,later complaining about the greens in Jersey City.

However,that was the beginning of the decline of Tiger to where he is today.

And it brings me back to boxing,when Mike Tyson was beating the bejeebus out of every fighter he faced,you never see him complain to the referees.

When Mike started to lose his ability you could see him complain every time after the referees break a clinch.

Well the same with Tiger,anyone remember Tiger & Pardaig Harrington in the last group on a Sunday duel some yrs ago,maybe in Pennsylvania,anyway ,they were playing so slow the officials put 'em on the clock.Harrington made a terrible shot and Tiger went on to win.

However,it was Tiger's post game comments that showed he was heading in a different direction.Tiger said,they,the last pair should not have been put on the other words adhering to the clock was only for the groups ahead & not the last pair.

I was stunned & wondered how can golf's #1 player at the time be so cavalier with the rules of golf.