Tuesday, September 20

Justin Rose Has ‘Stiff Feet’

BMW CHAMPIONSHIP WINNER JUSTIN ROSE may have a smooth golf swing, but he also has “stiff feet,” reported The Tour Van.

adiStreet: Justin Rose’s new golf shoe
So, what the heck does that mean?

“The English pro doesn’t have natural flexion in his feet,” wrote The Tour Van’s Jennifer Gardner, “and, as a result, he often has pain in his feet from the golf swing. He trains barefoot or in barefoot-style shoes.”

Rose, who until the BMW Championship wore Adidas’ adiPure footwear, debuted a new shoe called the adiStreet. The shoe is spikeless (rubber cleats) and has the flexibility of a running shoe. It will be in retail stores on November 1. I bet adidas couldn’t be happier about Rose’s well-timed win.

Rose’s victory at Cog Hill moves him into third in the FedEx Cup Standings heading into this week’s Tour Championship in Atlanta. He is now ranked 17th in the Official World Golf Ranking.

And Justin has some cool new kicks. If the shoe fits … um, you know the rest.

−The Armchair Golfer

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Pearce Bley said...

You know, these shoes remind me of those now worn by Fred Couples and Ryan Moore. I'm not sure if I expect them to take off quite so quickly as a fashion statement just because golf as a whole is very traditional in its dress. Caddies for example weren't even allowed to wear shorts until well into the late 20th Century.

Perhaps if Rose, Moore or Couples can sustain success for a long period of time, more players would switch over to these tennis shoe style golf shoes. I fully expect Taylormade and FootJoy to come out with a model much like this within the next few years just so they don't lose any of their sponsored players to these new shoes.

Then again, this could just be another odd fashion fad in the world of golf. Much like the wonder that is John Daly's collection of pants, these new shoes may be extinct within the next ten years or so.