Saturday, September 17

VIDEO: Justin Rose Has a Sweet Golf Swing

I TALKED TO MY BROTHER-IN-LAW today about his recent golf trip to Ireland. But before we got on that subject, he said how much he admired the golf swing of Justin Rose, who is the 54-hole leader at the BMW Championship. Rose finished three rounds at 13 under par and has a four-shot cushion on John Senden.

I agreed with my brother-in-law and retrieved the above video of Rose to have a look. Two things stand out for me with the full-speed swing (view from behind). One, I love Rose’s address. Everything is so square. I also like his posture.

As for the slow-motion view of the swing, Rose’s position at the top is near perfect. And nothing looks forced. He releases the club with ease. (At least he makes it look easy.) Rose works with swing coach Sean Foley, the man under so much scrutiny because of his association with Tiger Woods.

Whose swing (or swings) on any of the pro tours do you fancy?

−The Armchair Golfer

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Anonymous said...

For the life of me,I could never understand why Sean Foley was showered with criticisms for not "fixing" Tiger Woods & Woods should let go of the Foley experiment in less than a yr.

But then it was coming from a golf Channel personality so it needed to be taken with 4 tablespoons of salt.

These people who inhabits these shows are like politicians don't know much but are willing to kick down when that's in & suck up when that's in.

Foley does know about the golf swing despite what some on Golf Channel love to portray.