Thursday, December 15

LPGA Player Morgan Pressel Tours Israel

Morgan Pressel rides a camel on goodwill trip to Israel.
LAST WEEK I MENTIONED COLIN MONTGOMERIE and his trip to Afghanistan. This week, it’s Morgan Pressel and her tour of Israel. Golfers as ambassadors, part two.

The LPGA player and major winner is in the midst of an eight-day trip to see Israel’s many historical and cultural sights, meet dignitaries and host golf clinics for local children. She led a roundtable discussion with Israeli and Palestinian youth in the hopes that golf could teach some important life lessons.

Stops along the way have included (or will include) a tour of the Western Wall, a visit to Yad Vashem (Israel’s national Holocaust Memorial Museum) and the Dead Sea. Pressel also planned to meet with various Israeli signatories and leaders, including former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

In an undated report at, Pressel wrote that her most moving experience thus far was her breakfast with Seeds for Peace, an organization that encourages dialogue between Israeli and Palestinian youth.

“The purpose of the organization is not to tell the kids whether they are right or wrong,” explained Pressel, “but is to teach them how to discuss the conflict and create more of an understanding of all sides of the issues.

“[A] young Palestinian woman said the experience had encouraged her to study politics in college, so she could gain an even deeper understanding of the situation, and hopefully one day help to resolve it. They both expressed they learned the other cultures consisted of people with feelings and heart, just as they have, and said they returned home with friends they never imagined they would have.”

With the addition of golf at the 2016 Summer Olympics, Pressel plans to lead more trips to Israel to create additional awareness and support for the game, especially among young children and adults.

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(Photo credit: Morgan Pressel Foundation)

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