Tuesday, August 20

A Michelle Wie Debate on 'Morning Drive'

GOLF CHANNEL'S KELLY TILGHMAN GIVES MICHELLE WIE this week's "game ball" during Tuesday's Game Ball segment on "Morning Drive." Panelist and golf instructor Billy Harmon strongly disagrees.

The fun begins, eight minutes of pointed debate on Wie's behavior at the Solheim Cup that Europe handily won. Also discussion on Wie's career to date and future prospects.

(Visor tip: Geoff Shackelford blog)


Will o'the Glen said...

Wie is getting too much credit for the 2 points that are going next to her name for the 2013 Solheim Cup. Cristie Kerr carried Wie in their match; Wie, at best, tied CK on holes they won -- she never won one outright. Her match with Lang, being alternate shot, was a different matter, and while I can't say definitively because I was not able to watch it, comparing the way that Lang was playing throughout the tournament to Wie's play, I'm sure that Lang was the defining partner in that match.

I have always liked Michelle Wie as a player, and I agree with Billy Harmon and Kelly T. that Michelle needs to make some changes in her camp. She needs to grow up, cut Mom and Dad loose and be her own woman – maybe then she will realize the promise of her early years in the game and rise to the level she is capable of achieving.

Anonymous said...

Still can't see it, locks up at 1:50.

Anonymous said...

It's time to forget about Wie and focus on the real players. Enough is enough, let her either succeed or fail, sick of hearing about this joke.

The Armchair Golfer said...

I saw very little of the Solheim Cup, but Wie sure seems like an odd choice for the "game ball."

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree with Billy....how many yrs now have been hearing about Wie....I just don't see it, will she win a tourney here & one there probably but that's as good as it gets.

KellyT is being intellectually dishonest, the fact that she tried making the comparison to Tiger shows just how ridiculous her argument was.

So Woods has 70 plus PGA wins & his position is comparable to Wie who has less that 5 LPGA wins ?????

Ok folks, I am selling the Brooklyn Bridge, I will give you a nice discount.

And while we are on wins,Tiger has 5PGA wins this yr and I constantly see pundits on TV trying to diminish those wins...This guy will probably win 6times this yr, how many players can say that for chrissakes! And then they cop out by saying well, I am just using Tiger's standards...again, intellectually dishonest...If Tiger says Blue is Red would they then call Blue Red.