Thursday, September 26

Leo Luken, 95, Shoots Age for 1000th Time

Leo Luken is an avid golfer.
LEO LUKEN DIDN'T TAKE UP GOLF until he was 45. Even so, the South Carolina man has played golf for a half century. Playing the George Fazio Golf Course at the Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort on Tuesday, the 95-year-old Hilton Head resident put together a sweet little 92. That's three shots under his age. Mashed potatoes! You da man!

But perhaps it wasn't such a big deal for Luken. You see, Leo has shot his age an even 1,000 times. He plays three times a week. His handicap is 21. He's "humble, gracious and fiercely competitive," according to his golf buddies.

"My [playing] partners told me I would have to swim across the lagoon on [the par-3] 17th if I hit it in the water," Luken was quoted as saying after his 1,000th age-tying or age-bettering round.

"On my previous attempt at Jones I hooked one out of bounds on No. 17."

The first time Luken shot his age was 24 years ago when he was 71. His lowest round is a 68 at a golf course in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Luken is a former world-class softball pitcher (fast pitch). They called him "Leo the Lion-hearted." He won 511 games and landed in both the Indiana and Kentucky Sports Halls of Fame.

Did I mention that Leo didn't take up golf until he was 45? Yeah, I guess I did.

Y'all keep working on your games. There's still time.

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