Wednesday, October 23

Life on Tour: 'Out Here It's Peaceful'

GOLFDIGEST.COM HAS PUBLISHED A PHOTO ESSAY on the Tour. The 16 photos by Benjamin Lowy are in black and white. They were taken at the Omaha Cox Classic. Max Adler wrote the text. A tidbit:
It's not the level of competition, nor the difficulty of the courses, that distinguishes the Tour from the PGA Tour. 
"Out here it's peaceful," says Daniel Chopra. "Out there it's chaos, tens of thousands of people and big trucks backing in all over the place." 
Rare are the individuals, like Rickie Fowler and Jordan Spieth, who succeed on the big stage from the onset.
I've always wanted to go to a Tour event. Just walk around and watch top players and their caddies with hardly anyone around. I should do it.

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