Monday, May 19

VIDEO: Tiger Woods: 'Back Injuries Are No Joke'

TIGER WOODS, DURING AN INTERVIEW with Golf Channel's Damon Hack, said that rehabilitation from his back injury is going slowly. Tiger is chipping and putting, but he has yet to hit any full shots. Tiger said he doesn't know when he'll return to tournament play.

"It's not really in my hands," he said.

Rather, it's up to the doctors and the trainers.

"I've got to get permission from them before I can come back."

Tiger described the recovery process as "slow" and "tedious."

"I've got to make sure I do it right," he said.

Tiger also explained that this injury is different from his knee and Achilles tendon problems.

"I could play through those. This one, I just can't do it. Back injuries are no joke."

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