Thursday, August 14

Tiger Woods's Full Ryder Cup Statement


Ailing Tiger (Allison)
I've been told by my doctors and trainer that my back muscles need to be rehabilitated and healed. They've advised me not to play or practice now. I was fortunate that my recent back injury was not related to my surgery and was muscular only.

I have already spoken to Tom [Watson] about the Ryder Cup, and while I greatly appreciate his thinking about me for a possible captain's pick, I took myself out of consideration. The U.S. team and the Ryder Cup mean too much to me not to be able to give it my best. I'll be cheering for the U.S. team. I think we have an outstanding squad going into the matches.

I plan to return to competition at my World Challenge tournament at Isleworth in Orlando, Florida, Dec. 1-7. It's an event that's important to me and my foundation, and it will be exciting to be playing again.

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James Schiller said...

I admire the strength of character that he is showing by choosing to let his health come before a promising opportunity. His commitment and respect towards the sport clearly shows here as well. By stepping aside because he believes that he could not give his best, Tiger proves just how much love he has for the sport that he had dominated for some time.

All the best to him! I hope he gets better and be able to play again soon.