Friday, April 10

Augusta National Seeks Trademark Protection for Famous Nantz Phrase

EVEN PEOPLE WITH LITTLE OR NO interest in golf have heard it: "A tradition unlike any other."

That little phrase, attributed to CBS announcer Jim Nantz, is about the Masters Tournament, of course. I'm guessing they will probably be the most remembered words that ever tumbled out of Nantz's mouth in a long broadcasting career covering multiple sports.

Augusta National Golf Club, which owns all things Masters related, including the CBS broadcast, wants to trademark the famous phrase. The club filed the requests last September, according to an ESPN report.
One trademark that would tie the mark to the Masters asserts that Augusta National's first use of it came in 1989. It is believed Nantz first used it leading up to his first Masters broadcast in 1986. 
The second trademark is to use the phrase on everything from shirts and pants to dresses, sleepwear and headwear.
How does Nantz feel about it?

His agent, Sandy Montag, told that it wasn't a problem. "It's the same language in every contract. Whatever work you do for the network is owned by the network, not you."

The club is currently selling a retro-style t-shirt that includes the phrase in the merchandise tent.

I wonder why the club doesn't just trademark Jim Nantz. That would cover a lot more bases. Can I get an "Amen [Corner®]"?

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