Monday, April 6

Masters Food: A Tradition Unlike Any Other

The Patrons Menu circa 2008. (Wally Baba/Flickr)

TO MY KNOWLEDGE, I HAD NEVER EATEN a pimento cheese sandwich. Unless my parents served me one when I was a boy, in which case I ate every bite. That was the rule.

However, I ate at least one when I attended my first Masters in 2008. It's a tradition, and I can be duped by tradition, especially at Augusta National Golf Club. I have no regrets.

The crazy thing? 
Even if that pimento cheese had made me gag (it didn't) I was only out $1.50. I repeat, buck-fifty. (7% tax included.) Like most things Masters, the food prices were frozen in the 20th century.

Of course, I could have splurged and gotten a Master Club sandwich. That would have set me back $2.50. Throw in a bag of chips and a beer and I would have shelled out more than a Lincoln. Me and my big-spending ways.

Seriously, if you add up everything on the above Patrons Menu I don't think it comes to $30. The Masters is definitely in some kind of weird time warp.

Are you going this year? If so, try a pimento cheese sandwich. Be courageous.

(By the way, if you still need Masters tickets or Masters badges, they're still available.)

Food aside, I just hope the course will be in decent shape. I know it can be pretty nice at this time of year.

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Anonymous said...

Yep! aspirin & Tylenol moved to the 21st century though eh?
50cents for 1 aspirin or a Tylenol ?

No wonder my grandfather used to stick a ten pack aspirin in his fob pocket......