Friday, May 15

Golf With Parkinson's: Pat Maley and Dean Mills

The 16th annual CNI (Colorado Neurological Institute) Golf Classic will be played on Monday, June 1st at the Golf Club at Bear Dance in Larkspur, Colorado.

The 2014 tournament raised more than $48,000, and the committee hopes to raise even more this year. Without fundraisers such as the CNI Golf Classic, CNI would not be able to offer a resource center for individuals facing neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson's, ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) and hearing disorders.

Tom Draayer and Dean Mills are co-chairing this year's event, two men who refuse to let Parkinson's get in the way of living their lives and making a difference in the lives of others. Also on the committee is Pat Maley, another determined person facing Parkinson's.

"When you have a disease that's incurable, you have a choice, I think," says Pat. "You either throw in the towel and you never get up and you don't push yourself or you continue your life as best you can."

Pat Maley. After experiencing some puzzling symptoms, Pat was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in l999. He continued working for Norgren until 2004 when he retired with a disability. Pat enjoys photography and reaching out to other Parkinson's patients. He is also a dedicated CNI volunteer, reviving the annual CNI Golf Classic and taking photos at events.

Dean Mills. Dean was first diagnosed with Parkinson's disease over 12 years ago. Since retiring from Morgan Stanley, Dean has volunteered at CNI and co-chaired the CNI Golf Classic, attracting golfers and donations. Dean stays active with his wife and two sons. They enjoy traveling, skiing, hunting and golfing. To Dean, "every day is a Saturday."

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