Tuesday, June 2

'Clean-Break Guy' Steve Williams Unretires

AS REPORTED YESTERDAY IN THE GOLF MEDIA, veteran PGA Tour caddie Steve Williams is coming out of a short retirement to loop again for 2013 Masters champion Adam Scott. Scott needs him way more than Williams needs the frequent flier miles, that's for sure.

Golf Digest's Guy Yocom talked at length to Williams in the spring for an interview that's in the July issue. Always quotable, Tigers Woods' former caddie dishes on many topics, including being a "clean-break guy," which makes his unretirement a bit funny. But that's OK. Adam needs him.

A few tidbits:
TIGER BELIEVES in clean breaks. When he ends a relationship, be it with Butch, Hank or me, it could not be more over. The upside to clean breaks is, you don't dwell on the past, carrying around a bunch of regrets and what-ifs. There's no downside, provided you've thought it through. I'm a clean-break guy, too. Since I retired from caddieing, it's been like starting a completely new and interesting life.
On the "dark side":
TIGER RECEIVED a lot of threats you never heard about—on an almost weekly basis—for years. The PGA Tour people provided security, and it wasn't unusual for one of them to apprise me of some phone call or letter that had come in. It's not easy being him. When he would walk and sign autographs, the amount of pushing and shoving, the number of little kids getting knocked down, was unbelievable—collectors sending kids out to have stuff signed. It was the dark side of that life.
On the hush-hush policy of the PGA Tour:
I ALWAYS WISHED the tour would disclose not just when a player has been suspended, but for what. Every other sport does it, and not revealing anything just invites speculation, a lot of it irresponsible. I'd like to know the reasoning behind that policy.
There's a lot more, and it's an interesting read.

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