Friday, June 19

VIDEO: Playing Golf in Seattle-Tacoma Area

UNLIKE CHAMBERS BAY, SITE OF THE 2015 U.S. Open, most golf courses west of the Cascade Mountains (the wet and cool side) are as green as green can be. Of course, Chambers Bay, a links-style layout set up for this week's Open, is meant to be brownish. No problem there. At least not for me.

So, in general, what's golf like in Seattle, Tacoma and the Pacific Northwest?

Yes, it's damp or wet much of the year, but I found the golf to be great during my 16 years as a Seattle resident. There are lots of golf courses and, to my surprise when I first arrived in the area, there are lots of hardy golfers.

I was really into it during my early years there. My rule for winter golf: if it was 40 degrees or higher, I played. And, yes, I played in the rain. There's really no choice because it rains, or at least drizzles, much of the year.

The above video presented by Titleist shows Chambers Bay and the surrounding area, featuring everyday golfers like you and me talking about the game and where they play it.

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