Wednesday, August 26

European Tour: Make a Birdie, Propose to Girlfriend

BIRDIES WILL MAKE YOU FEEL INVINCIBLE. They will give you amazing courage and resolve.

Take Andreas Harto. The Danish player made a birdie on the 16th hole during the second round of the Made in Denmark tournament, last week's European Tour event. You can watch what happened next. He walked over and proposed to his girlfriend, Louise. She accepted.

Two gutsy plays, back to back. And a viral tweet for the European Tour.

OK, so Harto had it all planned.

"I was almost crying when I hit the putt," he said, "because I knew what was about to happen."

Harto added: "I couldn't say any words and I didn't hear her say yes, so I had to ask her afterwards and luckily she did want to marry me so I'm a lucky man."

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