Wednesday, September 16

Feherty Question: Johnny Miller or Roger Maltbie?

"YOU WALK INTO A COFFEE SHOP one morning. Johnny Miller is sitting at one table and Roger Maltbie is sitting at another. Which one do you join and why?"

David Feherty
(NBC Sports Group)
That question was posed to David Feherty during yesterday's media conference call concerning Feherty's move to NBC Sports Group and NBC Universal after a long stint at CBS.

"I get one by myself," Feherty replied.

The followup question: "There's only two tables. Pick one."

"Geez, I'd pull them together," Feherty said.

"I had Johnny on my show early on. I think it was like season one or season two. I've always admired what he does .... I've always thought that I saw through some of the things that he said that came off kind of rough. Johnny has got a great heart, very kind, but brutally honest. I really admire that in a person, that honesty. You just say what you feel sometimes, the first thing that comes into your head. It can get you in trouble, and I'm familiar with that, but it's always refreshing.

"And Maltbie, I wouldn't trust him to sit the right way around the toilet seat, but he's been a great friend over the years. I'm really looking forward to hanging out with Roger. That's for sure."

Shaping Up

In additon to continuing his interview show on Golf Channel, Feherty will have a variety of roles with NBC. The 10-time winner and former Ryder Cup player said he needs to get in shape between now and the first of the year, his official start date.

"I'm 57 but I'm like a net 75 with the way I've treated myself. I had no idea I was going to live this long. I would have looked after myself a lot better. My hands are very arthritic, and people quite often don't believe me when I tell them I don't play golf. I can't. I can't grip the club. It's one of those things, and that doesn't bother me because I'm around some great golf and I see it all the time. I love the game."

Feherty mentioned his role as an on-course reporter and walking the golf course, including Whistling Straits, site of the PGA Championship.

"[W]hen you're walking at a 45-degree angle all the time, you can't walk down the center of the fairway, you'd kind of get in the way, but it's golf, it's not football, nobody is tackling me, and I plan to be in much better shape next year.

"I'm using this time that I've got off between now and the first of January to get my body back into some sort of shape with these surgeries and try to get some fitness back, as well.  If I was a horse they'd probably shoot me."

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brad mcintosh said...

Feherty has been the most entertaining golf commentator for a long time now. love this guy