Friday, September 11

Millennials, Golf and Chicago

IF YOU BELIEVE WHAT YOU READ, you might come to the conclusion that golf, as a recreational sport, is doomed. Or, at the least, it's in serious decline. There's definitely factual and anecdotal evidence to support this view.

City Tour: Millennials enjoying golf.
One persistent theme is that Boomers can't carry the banner forever, and that Millennials are too busy taking selfies to pursue a game that takes hours to play.

But as my email inbox tells me, at least some of the next generation are passionate about the small dimpled ball.

Here's a message from Amanda Fakhreddine, Marketing Director of Nextgengolf:
The Nextgengolf City Tour Championship is taking place at Cog Hill Golf & Country Club next Friday
 through (September 18th-20th), and we hope you will take the chance to come see how we are keeping millennial golfers in the game. 
14 teams of 18-34 year old golfers from across the country are making the trip to Cog Hill Golf & Country Club in Chicago looking to be crowned City Champions. 
The City Tour is a a team-based best ball tournament series, where young professionals have the chance to meet other golfers in their city, while playing in a competitive event. This is the inaugural season for City Tour, and we have had quite a successful summer season! 
If you want to learn more about how Nextgengolf is working to keep young professionals active in the golf world, check out our website: 

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