Wednesday, September 9

VIDEO: U.S. Presidents Cup Captain Jay Haas Explains His Picks

I GUESS YOU CAN SAY U.S. Presidents Cup Captain Jay Haas has guts. Haas used his two captain's picks to put his son, Bill, and Phil Mickelson on the 12-man team. The American skipper must have known he'd be criticized, which is part of the job, of course, but maybe even more criticism than usual could be expected given his picks.

Bill Haas just happened to be 11th player on the points list. That makes for a solid case, so it's hard to simply accuse his dad of nepotism.

"I'll be honest," Captain Haas said, "I would have probably picked the 11th person regardless of what his name was."

The Mickelson pick is far more sticky. Phil is in search of his golf game. It has been difficult to find in 2015. Haas made it clear that he didn't pick Lefty because he's playing like the others.

"If anyone deserves a pick, it's Phil Mickelson," Haas said. "He is without question the leader of our team in the team room, on the golf course. The guys on the team were adamant that Phil is the guy."

Maybe so.

But at some point don't you have to leave Phil and Tiger Woods off teams and hand the reins and the leadership to up-and-coming players? Wouldn't the Presidents Cup be a good opportunity to do just that?

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