Thursday, November 5

Diaz's Sunnier View of Stevie's Autobiography

Jaime Diaz
THE REACTION WAS SWIFT AS IT always is in the digital age, and Steve Williams certainly fed the media frenzy by using "slave" to describe how he sometimes felt as a longtime caddie for Tiger Woods, but there's a lot more to Out of the Rough than Stevie's "dirty laundry," according to Golf Digest senior writer Jaime Diaz.

(I have not read the book but I did write about the initial reaction to it here.)

As you might know, Diaz was Hank Haney's collaborator on another controversial book about Tiger Woods -- The Big Miss.

Earlier today, Diaz wrote:
As Tiger Woods' caddie for 13 of his 14 major championships, Williams by writing his book has become -- variously and inclusively to many -- a betrayer, a disgruntled former employee out for revenge, a sell-out for money, a self-aggrandizer with an overinflated view of his own importance, a breaker of the unwritten code of confidentiality .... 
That assessment is simplistic, unfair and wrongheaded. I read the book and was immediately surprised at the amount of interesting detail. I devoured large chunks, only occasionally losing focus.
Diaz called himself a nerd with a library of 1,000 golf books and wrote that "even in the bad ones, I find something that satisfies my curiosity and in some way adds to my knowledge and perspective."
By that personal criterion, Williams' book is exceptional -- original, comprehensive, enlightening, honest.
Diaz added that the use of the word "slave," while unfortunate, helped create buzz for the book, which, of course, publishers like very much. The early release of an excerpt with that incendiary term was no accident.

But Diaz also said: "For all the focus on how Williams presumably goes out of his way to skewer Woods, I found his chronicling of his entire experience with Tiger to present a reasonably balanced portrait."

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