Friday, November 27

Telltale Signs You Watch Too Much Golf

(From the archives.)

ARE YOU A GOLF TV WATCHING ADDICT? Find out. Check out the Golf Digest slideshow "15 Signs You Watch Too Much Golf on TV" by Alex Myers.

Here are a few of my favorites:

"Hello, friends."
"You greet everyone by saying, 'Hello, friends.' Even if they aren't your actual friends. Even if it's just one friend."

"You often start whispering like Roger Maltbie for no reason."

"You actually know who is leading the FedEx Cup standings before September."

"You often forget to shower during weeks of major championships."

"When you check into a hotel, your first question is, 'What channel is the Golf Channel?'"

"The Masters theme song is your ringtone—and was the first dance at your wedding."

Our Turn

We could think of more "signs" that didn't make Alex's list. Try some. Here are a few of mine:

You know the names and roles of the broadcast team for European Tour events. (And you pull all-nighters watching some of those events live.)

You talk to the TV, making comments, and two seconds later you hear what you said on your TV. (Actually, this happens frequently to me. My wife just shakes her head, if she happens to be in the room.)

You know every golf cliche, golf saying and famous golf quote since the beginning of time.

You wish you could caddie for some of the young players because you know the golf courses (from seeing them on TV for a million years) far better than they do.

My Golf TV Habit

First of all, I try to peak during the majors. That's when I watch a lot. (Sometimes I feel like I need to take off the Monday after the Masters.) But, overall, I've cut back on watching golf on TV in recent years. Now excuse me because I need to check what's on Golf Channel.

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