Friday, November 13

VIDEO: The Practice of Practicing With Fred Shoemaker

FRED SHOEMAKER HAS A UNIQUE APPROACH to golf, and golf coaching. He is the founder of Extraordinary Golf, which is the name of his golf school founded in 1990 and is also the title of his popular book that published about two decades ago.

Scotty Shoemaker (Fred's nephew) told me in an email, "As a coach, Fred has over 30 years, 42,000 lessons and thousands of schools/workshops under his belt. He has a unique way of coaching that focuses on awareness and bringing out a person's innate abilities."

That's definitely true.

You can sample Fred's unorthodox methods in the above video and by also watching him coach Golf Channel Morning Drive's Damon Hack here.

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Just An Average Golfer said...

Great stuff-thanks. This is golf as meditation, isn't it? I pretty much agree with Fred that this is as close to heaven on Earth as it gets, at least for me. All the thoughts, golf or otherwise, sort of drift away and I just "do".

If I could really get to this state when my handicap is on the line, I would be great!