Tuesday, February 23

Bernhard Langer and the Anchor Police

DESPITE THE ANCHORED-STROKE BAN that went into effect on January 1, Bernhard Langer is still rolling in putts and winning on the Champions Tour. Nothing has changed much, including his putting.

How in the world is Langer doing it?

Jamie Wallace of the USGA explained:
[Bernhard] Langer won the Chubb Classic in dominant fashion, marking his first victory since the prohibition of the anchored stroke took effect. Langer’s chosen method of putting is an excellent example of the many different strokes that can be employed while still using a long putter and conforming with the Rules of Golf. Langer has long used a broomstick putter and anchored it to this chest with his left hand. Over this past weekend, he used a slightly modified version of this stroke in which he simply moved his left hand, putter grip and forearms away from his body so that the stroke was free-flowing and not anchored. Interestingly, Langer actually anchors the club during practice swings and just prior to making his stroke, which is perfectly fine. The Rule is only breached when the club is anchored during the stroke itself.
Pretty clever and not surprising. Langer has always adapted. In this instance, he merely tweaked his putting method, not changing his equipment and barely changing his routine.

As much as some of the fellas belly-ached about the ban, I see many doing well on the greens in 2016. Another reminder that "these guys are good."

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Anonymous said...

Been doing the same thing for 3 years. Simple fix.