Friday, February 12

VIDEO: 'An American Golf Journey in Morocco'

GOLF MIGHT NOT COME TO MIND when you think of Morocco. But for 15 golf professionals (and their families), Morocco was an amazing adventure that exceeded their expectations in almost every way this past December.

The trip lasted seven days and included five golf courses, as well as sightseeing and other activities.

"The weather is just exceptional," said one pro. "It's beautiful to play golf in the wintertime and short sleeves. And enjoy all the great stuff."

"All the golf courses we've seen in Morocco have been outstanding," said another pro, who was especially impressed with the architecture.

"I've never been so welcomed to any place I've ever been to," said another participant, "and I've traveled extensively to play golf in different places. This has been the best so far."

Maybe I'll get to Morocco and see for myself. It might happen. I'll keep you posted.

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