Friday, February 19

VIDEO: Mini Profile of 'Odd Bird' Andres Gonzales

WHILE WORLD NO. 3 RORY MCILROY pumps iron, Andres Gonzales pumps beers at Foley's on the Green in Tacoma, Washington.

A veteran of many pro tours, Gonzales also swats short irons off the wet turf in the drizzly, gray Pacific Northwest. It's 48 degrees, but it feels colder. Gonzales works on his game through the dreary Tacoma winter to keep up with his PGA Tour competition that toils in sunnier climes such as California, Arizona, Texas and Florida.

The life of a PGA Tour player is uncoventional, to say the least. Compared to his tour brethren, Gonzales is a free spirit, "not your typical" player and "a bit of an odd bird," wrote VICE SPORTS.

Enjoy the above mini profile of Gonzales, who playfully tweets at Tiger Woods and is, in his own words, "half man, half amazing."

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