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Birdieable Interviews The Congress, a Rock Band (and Golf Fanatics)

Rob West is an avid golfer with a golf blog called Birdieable. Rob recently interviewed The Congress, a Virginia-based rock band with two members who are golf fanatics.

By Rob West

Copyright © Rob West. Used with permission.

EVERY NOW AND THEN I GET to do something a little out of the ordinary. Interviewing an uber-cool rock band is just one of those occasions, especially when two of the members are golf fanatics like me.

Jonathan Meadows (golfer), Chris Speasmaker (golfer), Scott Lane and Raphael Katchinoff make up the four-piece band who have just released a new album, The Game, which you can get here.

Here's how my interview went with the guys.

BIRDIEABLE: OK, So, Chris you are the keyboard player and Jonathan you are bass guitar. How did you get into golf and are you any good?

THE CONGRESS: We both started playing with our dads growing up. My Dad and I looked at golf more as a reason to hang out in high school and the quality of play was pretty pathetic. It wasn't until I moved to Denver seven years ago when I started playing once a week. One of the perks of being a musician is being able to get on the course during the week when it's cheap and wide open. Are we good? Hmm. Given that this is being read by mainly avid golfers, I have to say no. Amongst my friends, I'd say I'm OK. I shoot mid 80s on a good day. Jon is shooting low/mid 90s.

BIRDIEABLE: If you could organize the perfect fourball, who would be in it, and where would you be playing?

THE CONGRESS: Great question. 1. Jordan Speith 2. Dustin Johnson. I would want two pros so I can get some pointers and watch them kill it. Jordan and DJ just seem like good dudes while also being at the top of their game. Watching DJ's long ball and Jordan's short game would be pretty spectacular in person. No. 3.? Bill Murray – purely for entertainment purposes. Charles Barkley would be an alternate. Course… Pebble Beach. I would likely need 20 balls to get through the round but the views there are surreal.

BIRDIEABLE: What’s your best score, and where did you record it?

THE CONGRESS: 79. Willis Case in Denver, Colorado. Full disclosure – it's a par 70.

BIRDIEABLE: Ever signed for a five when it should have been a six?

THE CONGRESS: Any amateur that says they haven't done that is a liar.

BIRDIEABLE: You guys are from Virginia. Are there any decent tracks (and I mean golf courses not songs), in your home state?

THE CONGRESS: Virginia has tons of beautiful courses. The nicest one I've played is Farmington CC in Charlottesville. It's very well maintained with lots of elevation. I've heard that Colonial Heritage in Williamsburg takes the cake. I'd love to get out there sometime.

BIRDIEABLE: Everyone has a memorable shot. What's yours and where was it?

THE CONGRESS: I had a Bubba moment when we were playing on tour in Jackson, Mississippi. I had a terrible lie with a huge oak tree in my line 160 or so yards out. I was actually playing with Jon at the time and gave him the classic "watch this." I pulled out the 4 iron, wrapped it around the tree and rolled it 15 ft from the pin. It felt good.

BIRDIEABLE: Anyone had a hole in one?

THE CONGRESS: No hole in one yet. Closest I came was during that same round with Jon and I was six inches short. One day though.

BIRDIEABLE: Who do you admire most in the golfing world?

THE CONGRESS: I read a lot about Arnold Palmer's life following his passing. He was a true legend in the entire sports world. He has given so much to the game of golf aside from being one of the best.

BIRDIEABLE: What's your favorite golf book/magazine?

THE CONRESS: I saw a book titled Shanks For Nothing in a friend's bathroom. I found it pretty relatable. Jon and I do however live and die by GolfNow. It is the best place to find new courses for a discounted rate while we're on the road. We have found some real gems through that site.

BIRDIEABLE: What makes you angry on the golf course?

THE CONGRESS: Sucking. Also groups in front of me that neglect their rate of play gets pretty frustrating as well. Jon and I pride ourselves in being fast golfers. 

BIRDIEABLE: You are not allowed to google this and you have to answer straight away. Do you know what R&A stands for?

THE CONGRESS: No. I just googled it though. I should probably check that out.

BIRDIEABLE: Any golf inspired tunes in the making?

THE CONGRESS: Ha ha. Golf is our way to relieve stress on tour (and at home), so, in a way, golf inspires all of our songs,

BIRDIEABLE: Top five courses you want to play?

5. Woods Hole CC – http://www.woodsholegolfclub.com/
4. Fossil Trace CC – http://www.fossiltrace.com/
3. Pinehurst CC – http://www.pinehurst.com/
2. Augusta CC – http://www.augcc.com/
1. Pebble Beach Resorts – https://www.pebblebeach.com/

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