Thursday, November 10

New York Times: 'Studio Aims to Hook Hipsters on Golf'

QUEENS MIGHT NOT BE A GOLF MECCA, and, as we're often told, younger generations have little interest in the game. But there's a golf intructional studio on the edge of Brooklyn that's doing something different, according to the New York Times:
Nick Teodosio pointed to the retro-style brown wall paneling at Brooklyn Greens, his new golf instructional studio. 
"I kind of want the hipsters to start playing golf," said Mr. Teodosio, whose new indoor golf range is just over the Brooklyn border, in Ridgewood, Queens, and is aimed at serving those who live in gentrifying neighborhoods along the L train in Brooklyn. 
The studio is down a long, nondescript hallway in a commercial loft building on Irving Avenue. Its gray metal door bears an insignia of a pigeon with a golf club tucked under its wing. 
Inside, there is barely enough room to swing a cat, much less a golf club.
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