Friday, November 4

Rory McIlroy's '10 Different Eras in Golf'

AS GOLFWEEK'S KEVIN CASEY WROTE, "When you get Rory McIlroy to talk for nearly an hour, be prepared to listen because he'll throw out some gems."

McIlroy was interviewed on the No Laying Up Podcast, as Casey reported.
[T]he podcast got into what it's like for McIlroy (and other high-profile golfers) to deal with outside expectations in the modern age. 
In a telling moment, McIlroy admitted that how quickly people cool off on golfers bothers him. 
"Since I started to win majors, there's probably been about 10 different eras in golf," McIlroy said. "It bugs me because people don't give players the time to develop and become what they want them to be. They need to have patience with it. … It's totally unfair because they build you up so much."
Rory is right about the rush to announce new eras. Maybe you've noticed. I sure have.

There have been too many so-called eras since Tiger Woods started fading from view, including McIlroy and then Jordan Spieth. When Jason Day broke through, suddenly it was the new "Big 3." Then along came Dustin Johnson. And on and on it goes.

Could it be a media thing? Yep.

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