Wednesday, November 23

VIDEO: Revenge of the Birds on Golf Courses

As Thanksgiving turkeys are enjoyed by millions this week, take a look at instances of birds attacking players on the golf course.


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Brian Kuehn said...

Years ago we had a pair of Eastern Kingbirds take up residence in a small tree in the left rough on hole #11 of Leslie Park (Ann Arbor, MI). We discovered the Eastern Kingbird will aggressively defend its nesting area. Any golfer venturing within 50 feet of the tree would be attacked.

Eventually the course painted a large white circle around the tree and made the area "Ground Under Repair." Once the parents had raised the kids and headed south for the winter, the tree was dug up and replanted in another area, away from the course.

I still remember watching a player ignore the sign for "Aggressive Bird" and attempt to play a shot from inside the circle of doom. The Kingbird knocked off his hat on the first pass and then landed on his head as the player tried to retreat.