Friday, December 2

Things (Including Golf Things) Our Kids Will Never Experience

YOU KNOW YOU'RE AGING when you notice and read AARP articles such as "10 Things Our Kids Will Never Learn."

Nothing wrong with that, though, because I'm a boomer. Maybe you can relate.

Following is a partial list from that article on "boomer knowledge that's becoming obsolete."

From AARP, our kids will never learn ...

How to read a map.
How to send stuff in the mail.
How to write in cursive.
How to balance a check book.
How to make change in their heads.
How to drive a stick shift.

There are more, of course.

Now a golf list by yours truly. Same idea. Our kids will never ...

(NOTE: The following aren't absolutes, but true of some or many, or perhaps moving in this direction.)

Wear metal spikes.
Estimate yardage using eyesight.
Play with persimmon and other 20th-century golf clubs.
Walk the golf course.
Carry their golf clubs.
Maintain a "shag" bag and shag their own golf balls.
Learn golf etiquette and basic rules before going out on the golf course.
Read golf instruction books.
Clean clubs, shine shoes and do other golf-related chores.
Hang out at the golf course all day/all summer (including playing cards and doing other activities).

What else?


John said...

Neil, great piece.
Well said.
How true.

The Armchair Golfer said...

Thank you.