Wednesday, January 11

Blowing in the Bahamas on the Tour

IS THERE ANYTHING HARDER to play in than wind? Not in my experience.

While many of us might like to be in the Bahamas right now, playing golf there this week on the Tour is pretty brutal. The wind is blowing about 40. The ocean looks angry, as if it might crash onto the golf course and Sandals Emerald Bay at any moment.

The players are braving the harsh conditions as best they can -- and shooting some ridiculously high scores. The cut was 11-over par. That's a Tour record.

Greg Eason shot 91 and 95. He lost a lot of golf balls. I mean a lot.

"I started with 36 golf balls," Eason said. "I ended with four."

Kyle Thompson currently leads the Bahamas Great Exuma Classic. Hopefully, everyone will survive to play another day. A less windy one.

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