Tuesday, January 31

Golf Headline: 'Tiger Takes First Commercial Flight in 10 Years'


MAYBE YOU'VE SEEN IT. It's all over the news. Tiger Woods had to board a commercial jet in Los Angeles for his trip to Dubai for the Omega Dubai Desert Classic.

The 41-year-old Woods missed the cut at the Farmers Insurance Open. Then, due to protests at Los Angeles International Airport, he couldn't reach a private plane across a terminal so he hopped on a commercial flight instead.

Golf can be such a humbling game. I wonder how many autographs Tiger signed on that flight.

I've flown out of LAX many times, but never during protests (that I can recall). I usually arrive two hours before my flight and visit the Starbucks. It's a big, noisy airport. No one bothers me. And then I get on a plane and fly to Charlotte or wherever.

Yes, every silly little thing about Tiger is news. Yes, I'm having a little fun with that sad truth.

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