Tuesday, January 3

Life on Tour: Firing 4 Irons at a Pelican

BILL CALFEE SPENT 11 YEARS as president of the Web.com Tour. Before that Calfee played on the PGA Tour and traveled with guys like John Schroeder and Gary McCord, the longtime CBS golf announcer.

In a recent story at PGATour.com, Calfee recalled a funny episode from the 1978 Pensacola Open. He, McCord and Schroeder were killing time in their room, playing cards and drinking adult beverages.
After some time had passed, [Gary] McCord looked out the window, down the wharf, and saw a pelican land at the end of the dock.... 
"It was like 130, 140 yards away, so I decided that since we were bored playing gin, that I would attempt 10 shots from my bedroom," McCord remembers. "We moved a couple pieces of furniture, opened up the sliding glass doors, and I started whacking 4-irons from my back window.... 
"The bet was whether I could knock the pelican off its perch, and the first ball I hit was just perfect … it went right over the top of the pelican. It was probably the best shot I ever hit on the TOUR."
On a final note, McCord's stunt inspired a similar scene in the movie "Tin Cup."

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