Wednesday, February 1

VIDEO: John Rahm's Biggest Fan Is a Toddler

UNTIL I REVIEW VIDEO EVIDENCE to the contrary, I'm going to confidently say this young fella is John Rahm's biggest fan. Period. End of discussion.

Rahm, of course, is the 22-year-old Spaniard who won the Farmers Insurance Open in dramatic fashion (as you can see in the clip). It was Rahm's first PGA Tour victory.

Lastly, isn't this little guy ALL OF US when we sink that monster putt or hit that career shot or post that great score?



Iain said...

What a great post, I think John Rahm will have thousands following his career especially after the start he has had. Hopefully he can keep up the momentum, as we know golf can jump up and suck the confidence right out of you. What a breath of fresh air to golf. Go Tiger!!

The Armchair Golfer said...