Tuesday, February 7

VIDEO: Will Sergio Garcia Win a Major?

SERGIO GARCIA IS 37 YEARS OLD. He is not that old in years, but, like Tiger, he is old in golf years. Both Garcia and Woods have been grinding on the circuit for a long time, about 20 years. This past weekend Sergio won for the first time at the Omega Dubai Desert Classic, bringing his European Tour win total to 12.

In the above clip, the Golf Channel crew discussed whether Garcia will win a major, that one gaping hole in his golf resume. One thought is that he is in a happier place and more content with himself. Maybe that will help.

I'd like to see Sergio win a major. A player of his ability, accomplishments and longevity should have one. I also think there are reasons he hasn't closed the deal. It would be easy to blame his putting, but I think it goes deeper. Winning a major is a big psychological hurdle. Garcia has been in contention many times and hasn't won. That's worrisome.

I think Garcia will have more chances. However, I'm not confident that he'll break out.

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