Friday, April 14

Teddy Leinbach on the Problem in Golf

Following is one more message from Teddy Leinbach and his golf film project, "50 OVER." (I mentioned Teddy earlier in the week here.) Why again? I was about to delete his original email to me (below) and realized it made his case about golf so well. I want to share it with you. Plus I'm enthusiastic about millennials, especially millennials who are passionate about golf. (The bold text treatment is by me.)

By Teddy Leinbach

My name is Teddy Leinbach. I am a recent college graduate with a film degree and, more importantly, a 6 handicap.

To get straight to the point, there is a problem in golf right now. Golf is coming off the high of the Tiger [Woods] era and interest continues to decline every year. Even with exciting young golfers taking over the game at the pro level, the amateur level continues to be dominated by an older, wealthier demographic, and fails to draw much interest from anyone else.

As someone who found a passion for the game away from a country club, I believe this is not a fundamental problem with golf, but rather a problem with the way it is marketed, especially in the United States.

I am in the pre-production phase of a film I am directing called "50 OVER." It is a journey film about four friends who travel across America, stopping in all 50 states in 50 days, playing a round of golf in each state.

By using second-hand clubs, playing at inexpensive courses, discussing our ideas with like-minded people, camping along the way, dressing in non-traditional golfing attire, and embodying an attitude that is drastically different from the stereotypical golfer, my team and I hope to provide a glimpse into a different, less elite, more fun view of golf.  

Here is a link to our Facebook page and website to learn more:

I hope that you agree with the message we are trying to send and [that] you think this is important for the game.


Patricia Hannigan said...

I love the concept behind this film... can't wait to see it!

The Armchair Golfer said...

I agree.

Mark Hainsworth said...

Fantastic idea I look forward to the film