Tuesday, April 11

VIDEO: '50 OVER': A Golf Journey Throughout America

A RECENT GRADUATE OF VCU'S ACCLAIMED art school, Teddy Leinbach is a documentary filmmaker. He is also a golfer. Put the two together and you have "5O OVER," a golf journey to 50 states in 50 days that will include -- you guessed it -- 50 rounds.

"This summer, my team and I will travel to all 50 states in 50 days to play a round of golf in each state in order to show the world that golf is more than collared shirts and country clubs," Teddy writes.

"Golf is a sport beyond the country club. Popular among the wealthy, golf has earned a narrow reputation in the United States. But drop the price and pretension, and golf is, dare I say, cool?"

(I want to go.)

Help Teddy with his quest and also support golf. 

In addition, watch the below video. There's a reason golf is seen as old, rich and elitist. Because it is. But is that all it can be?

50 OVER PROMO from teddy leinbach on Vimeo.

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