Wednesday, April 5

VIDEO: Phil Mickelson on 'Loose' Ball Marking

THERE WAS PLENTY TO UNPACK with the Lexi Thompson situation at the ANA Inspiration and how it may have cost her a major championship.

One issue that has perhaps received less attention during the uproar was the manner in which Lexi marked and remarked her ball.

Phil Mickelson was asked about it at the Masters and chose to address the topic without mentioning names. Phil's take: It's a problem on tour among certain players.

In addition, a commenter at this blog said:

"Ms. Thompson failed to replace her ball to the spot where it originally rested. It is not that hard to replace a marked ball to its original resting spot. I read her 'tweet' statement. She never acknowledged that she made an error in replacing the ball and that such an error correctly results in a penalty."

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